Staying in Plan: 2A-3


The Butterfield University Retirement Plan offer 4 different Retirement Plan Provider Options; TIAA, AXA, Fidelity and VOYA. These vendors were selected as a result of a competitive bid process that interviewed a number of Plan Providers. Among other qualitative and quantitative factors, these four vendors were selected based on a range of factors, including fee and expenses, employee communication and education, administrative capabilities, organizational strength and credit rating,

As an active employee in BURP, you are able to transfer funds from one of these approved plan providers to anotherapproved provide, even if you are not yet eligible to receive a distribution from the Plan.

It’s important that you take into consideration the differences in these providers. Here is a comparative analysis of the
four investment providers.


Vendor Administrative Fee Investment Fees Mortality and Expense Advisory Services On-site Support Company Credit Rating Service Rep Compensation Structure
TIAA .20% .04-.56% .00% .00% Y AAa Salary
AXA .34% .32-1.85% 1.20% .50% Y Aa Commission
Fidelity .10% .03-.85% .00% .00% Y AAa Salary
VOYA .22% .12-1.55% 1.00% .50% Y Aa Commission



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